Workplace yoga and Pilates is already an extended practice all around the USA, UK and many other countries. By offering the possibility of including a regular yoga and Pilates practice at the workplace, adapting the schedule and contents of the classes to the group´s needs, the corporation gains an added value.

Both yoga and Pilates are great tools for reducing job stress and preventing work-related illnesses and burnout. They can definitely help boost our creativity and our capacity for managing stress and decision-making situations. They will also help improve overall health and mental condition, which will have positive effects in productivity levels.

One hour a week can make a difference but, in case you do not have that time, we also offer specific workshops that you can take the day and times that suit you best.

HomeYoga offers you the possibility of adding this practice in your workplace, wherever your company is located, with regular weekly sessions or one-time specific workshops, always with a certified and experienced teacher. We adapt to your interests, needs and the profile of your company. We offer Face-to-Face sessions in Spain (depending on availability of teachers), and  SkypeYoga sessions for any location around the world.