Requirements for the location in which the sessions will take place: ideally, the space selected should have a nice temperature and a certain sound and visual isolation. Adjustable lights are also desirable. For SkypeYoga, a big-enough screen with internet connection, speakers and microphone, and the latest version of Skype, will be required.

Requirements for the attendants: each person will need comfortable loose clothes, a yoga mat and a light blanket or shawl to cover up in relaxation time.

Length of sessions: weekly yoga classes should ideally take at least 45 minutes, or up to 75 minutes; specific workshops, up to 2 hours.

Regular yoga classes have proven to be more effective if done first time in the morning, before job, or at midday, just before lunch. Specific workshops, as they may be a one-time thing, can take place at any time of the day.


Each session can take between 45 minutes and 1 ½ hour, depending on the company´s needs; specific workshops can take between 1 ½ hour and 2 hours.

Regular yoga classes are best when taken first time in the morning, or just before lunch. Specific workshops, being occasional, can be taken at any time that suits the company.

Contents of each session will be carefully adapted to the hours: first time in the morning can take more physical sessions, to activate both body and mind; before-lunch time sessions will be more meditative, to clear up the mind and give fresh energy to the body.


We offer different types of workshops, depending on the company´s needs and the profile of the attendants. These are the workshops we are currently providing:

  • Introduction yo yoga: yoga basics.
  • Introduction to meditation.
  • Management of emotions through yoga.
  • Yoga for boosting creativity.
  • Yoga for releasing stress and anxiety.
  • Yoga for setting up life goals and walk towards them.

All workshops are mainly practical, with only a small theory part.